Acknowledge & Change

Here’s something to live by: If it’s not working… change it.

It’s just a fact that “bad” things happen to everyone at one or more points throughout their life. I put bad in quotation marks (“bad”), because we all perceive these things differently. One person might lose a limb and think: Well, I’ll have to learn to write left-handed now. Hopefully tomorrow goes smoother! While another person missed the ice cream truck and drops to their knees to weep for a good hour.

No matter what it was that happened, no matter how “bad”… we have to move on. It’s a conscious choice we have to make. Now I understand it’s easier said than done – I’m working on it everyday of my life. Every minute!

You don’t have to carry these “bad” things with you. That’s one of the many things animals have helped me with. I can’t speak for an animal, but through some observing, they seem to move on easier. They remember… but it’s not something that weighs them down every day. If you have a traumatized animal (dangerous horse or an aggressive dog), and you know how to deal with them, they can change from one minute to the next. First they’re foaming at the mouth and heading for your throat and if you know what you’re doing (don’t try this at home, folks), a while later after a lot of commotion, they’ll let go and lay there – panting. They’ll just move on.

Ask Cesar Millan, he’ll tell you. That’s one of the things he puts major emphasis on in his episodes.

If what you’re doing isn’t working, just try something else. There’s never one road to take with most things. Even if everyone is telling you that if must be done this way, that doesn’t mean you can’t try it that way if this way doesn’t work for you. Don’t let the “bad” things that have happened to you in the past get in your way and limit you or your animal. There’s always room for change and betterment!

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