A Good Run

If you want great results with animals, let them romp around a bit first!

If they’re aggressive and you want to work on socializing them, make sure you get them completely worn out before making introductions to others. Sometimes it’s simply pent-up energy that they release towards others.

Here’s the thing… many people find themselves with SUPER ENERGETIC animals. Throwing a ball or lunging them might get them momentarily tired. It will also get them in fantastic shape so that, in the future, they won’t tire so easily. To get what you’re looking for, it has to be challenging both physically and mentally. Turn your frisbee into ultimate frisbee – look that up on Youtube. That will tire your dog out in half or a third of the time that just throwing a frisbee would! Ask your horse or other animal to take it to the next level – tire them out! It’s much more interesting when everyone’s having fun… don’t make exercise a mindless chore!

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