A Bit Of Meditation

I found myself skimming through Karen Rohlf’s book Dressage Naturally (…Results in Harmony) this morning.

On the last few pages, Karen shared this great, heart-warming meditation. We all have our ways of getting into a meditative state (in nature, with our animals, with friends and family, or completely alone). How we get there doesn’t really matter, but it benefits our interactions with others and with our animals beyond words!

Warm your heart on these precious lines:

Think of something very precious; something of great value to you or something you dream of, and you are sure you will know it when you have it… something that when you do touch it, makes you feel wonderful. Now, imagine that this precious thing is in a room. The room is completely dark. You know for sure that it is in this room and it is possible for you to find it.

Enter the room and visualize yourself searching. (Would you walk in, make a few moves with your arms then say: ‘I can’t get it, it must not be in here’, or would you have all your senses open, in a state of heightened awareness, feeling, listening for any slight clue if you are close?) Search every corner. Search high and low… crawl if you must, stand on a chair if you like. Feel everything. And when you do find it, explore it as if it is the first time.

– Page 182 of Dressage Naturally (…Results in Harmony) by Karen Rohlf

Now start your day with that feeling in your bones and heart!

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