Hi, I'm Tiamat.

I'm an Assyrian-Californian Anthrozoologist, currently based in England.

My focus is the intersection of animal work and emotion management.


I'm a PhD candidate in Anthrozoology (the interdisciplinary study of relations and interactions between humans and other species) at the University of Exeter.

My research defines humane emotional labour in relationships between guide dogs and their instructors during their shared work-lives.

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I work as

an assistance dog team exam supervisor at the Assistance Dog Foundation, developing and supervising theory and practical exams, as well as creating the theory handbook and managing further processes and content.

Previously, I worked as a research consultant in an EU-programme which was part of an Erasmus+ grant from the Federal Ministry for Education in Germany and funded by the European Union.

In the past,

I obtained my MA in Anthrozoology at the University of Exeter with a strong distinction and a "Dean's Commendation for Exceptional Performance" award in 2019.

This followed six years of working as a self-employed, full-time guide dog instructor in Germany.

During this time, I became a certified dog trainer and behaviour consultant by the IHK (the German Chamber of Commerce, so to speak).

I also love horses

and was a working student twice for the 5-star Parelli instructor David Lichman.

This came after years of working with horses and gentling mustangs in Northern California.

While still in California, together with my dog and horse, I performed in front of 3,000 people at a Parelli event in Reno - receiving a personal invitation to intern with Pat Parelli.

But enough about me - what about you?
I would love to hear from you. Feel free to get in contact: tiamat@humanima.de